Apple Pay on the Palm Beach, Florida, Tanning Salon (TechCrunch)

Aug 2, 2021 News

Palm Beach has a long history of tanning salon, which is now being rolled out on the beachfront property.

The tanning shop is owned by the same company that owns the local salon, Palm Beach International Tanning, which offers services such as massaging, facials, and even body piercing.

While the tanning industry has had a long tradition of local, local brands, the addition of Apple Pay to the list of payment options is significant.

For the first time, people will be able to pay their phones at a tanning parlor.

Apple Pay has a wide array of options, from local and international banks to local and regional merchants.

It can be used to pay for groceries, make payments for gas, rent, and car payments, as well as make online purchases, such as purchasing movies and music.

Apple Pay is also used by businesses to buy goods and services from third parties and has been integrated with other Apple Pay services, such the Apple Pay App Store.

Apple’s new service for paying for things on the go was announced at the I/O conference in San Francisco last week.

The announcement included the announcement that the company will be accepting Apple Pay payments in its stores.

Apple has been expanding its iPhone X and XS models, as the company has been pushing new features like the new Face ID technology to the iPhone XS and XR.

In addition, Apple has been adding new Apple Pay-enabled apps to the App Store and in the iTunes App Store, with the latter app now being available on the iPhone and iPad in the United States.

Apple has not yet announced when it plans to launch the service in other countries.

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