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Aug 5, 2021 News

Las Vegas, Nevada—A tanning studio in Nevada is taking the heat for a controversial Facebook post that says it will “stop working” at 10 p.m.

Pacific on Tuesday because the sun is too bright and the climate is too hot.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the California tanning facility at Sunset Tanning Spa at Little Rock is “pushing back” after an Instagram user complained about the post.

Sunset Tanning spa has also been a popular destination for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Benson.

In May, the owner of the facility, Linda O’Connor, posted a video on Instagram saying, “I have a personal problem with the sun.

It makes me feel so uncomfortable.”

O’Connor’s business partner in the post, Heather Stearns, also posted a message saying, “[It’s] so dark in my office, and the sun makes me really uncomfortable.”

She told the Times she and her husband would be going back to work and that Sunset Taning Spa had been an “open secret” in Los Angeles for several years.

Stearns told the paper she didn’t know that the post was coming.

“It’s just something I wanted to be honest with you,” she told the newspaper.

Sunrise Tanning, which opened in the early 1980s, is known for offering the hottest tanning available in Southern California, according to the Times.

The Las Vegas tanning company has locations in Orange County and the Los Angeles area.

Stears told the Las Vegas Sun that she and O’Conners daughter have been on a business trip to Vegas and they’re planning to stop in the resort town of Palms later this week to take advantage of the sun’s warmth.

O’Conner also has been outspoken about her displeasure with the climate in California.

In April, she wrote an Instagram post saying, “‘I hate it when I see a picture of a sunset’ is a bad word to use when you’re in a desert.”

The photo she posted was a sunset, but the caption was “I hate the temperature in my studio.”

The Instagram post was shared nearly 3,000 times.

Ongoing criticismSunrise tanning Spa, which is based in Little Rock, is not the only company to have been criticized for its climate-related post.

A California tannery company called Sunlight is also under fire after it posted an Instagram video claiming it would stop working in the Sunshine State after the sun was too hot and it was too humid.

Sunlight has since apologized for its post and said it is “not aware of this incident and will be working to rectify it.”

Sunlight also has locations across Southern California.

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