California tanning salons close over fears of infection

Jul 28, 2021 News

SAN FRANCISCO — Tanning saloons in California are closing, after state health officials said they were finding the disease-causing bacteria more prevalent in the state than previously thought.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued more than 600 alerts and issued a recall of some products, saying they are “reasonably safe to use.”

California Health Department spokeswoman Mary Ann Purdy said Wednesday that salons in Los Angeles and Orange counties were closing for the next two weeks.

She said the closures are a precaution and that the agency will be working with health authorities in Los Alamitos and San Bernardino counties to help them transition to other salons and retailers.

Purdy said it was unclear how many salons were closing in the coming days, and that officials could not say when they would reopen.

Officials said the state is still investigating whether there are any health hazards related to salons, including whether they should be allowed to reopen.

The California Department of Health said in a news release that the state health department has issued approximately 600 alerts of possible bacteria in salons across the state, including some salons that were closed for at least two weeks because they did not have the proper equipment or sanitation.

It said health officials are actively working with the industry to improve facilities and disinfect equipment.

Pierce & Johnson said it has closed seven salons it has operated since mid-March.

It told employees the closures will take effect March 10, but the health department said the company has not said how many jobs were lost.

A spokeswoman for the company, which operates in Orange County, said in an email that it was reviewing the information provided to it and has no additional information to share at this time.

The spokeswoman said the salons will reopen as soon as possible.

Salons have been a fixture in California for decades.

California has one of the highest salinity levels in the nation, and the state’s beaches are among the most polluted.

Salons and beauty salons have long served as a gateway to beauty products for women and men in affluent areas, and they’ve become popular with young people seeking a sense of freedom and anonymity.

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