Coco Beach Tanning salon offers $40,000 in discounts

Aug 6, 2021 News

Fox Sports has learned that Coco Beach, a luxury spa and salon, has made big news recently for offering the first-ever $40k discount to all beachgoers who visit the resort.

The offer is valid from January 6 through February 6 and is valid at all Coco Beach resorts and the Coco Beach Spa and Spa Park.

The offer is also valid at the Coco Palm Beach Resort.

The resort is a destination for luxury beachfront properties in Palm Beach County, and has long been a destination of choice for celebrities and VIPs.

Coco Beach is also home to one of the world’s largest sand volleyball courts.

In addition to the discounted pricing, the resort is offering complimentary towels for purchase at the spa, complimentary spa and swimming pool visits, free haircuts and a complimentary buffet.

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