European tanning spa ‘furious’ after employees accused of assault and theft

Aug 6, 2021 News

The European tanneries of Leipzig and Wuppertal have been left “furious” after they were accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with the employees.

In an email to staff, the owners of the Leipziger-Wuppertaler tanning parlour in the German city said that their employees were “treated rudely and sexually”, and the owner of the German tanning company “felt uncomfortable” by the situation.

“As far as we know, the employees at the tanning salons in Leipzing and Wappertal do not work for us.

And the reason is obvious,” the owner, Andreas Meister, wrote in the email.”

The employees at these two places, with whom we have a long-term relationship, are treated rudely, sexually, and are not allowed to wear shirts, masks or any kind of other material covering their bodies,” he added.”

We are not sure why they are treated this way.

We cannot discuss the matter further without risking the consequences.”‘

Not nice’The owners of Leinster-based tanning firm ‘Tasty Tanning’ (LTA) have been inundated with complaints from customers since an internal email was published in German media on Friday, accusing them of “inappropriately” interacting with their employees.

According to a statement on the company’s Facebook page, the email was sent on the afternoon of January 25, and it was made to the company on January 29.

“It has been made clear to us that we have acted in a very negative way, and we are very upset about this, and have asked the management to provide a formal apology,” the statement read.

“Tasty tanning is not a place for harassment, abuse or any other inappropriate behaviour.

We are not nice.

We have never engaged in such behaviour.”

The owners claimed that “in the face of the situation we found ourselves in, we did not know what to do”, adding that they were “deeply sorry” for any damage caused to their business.

However, the allegations have not gone down well with some customers, with many reporting a feeling of “not being appreciated” by their local tanning companies.

“This has been a very difficult day for us all,” said one Facebook user.

“I don’t feel welcome here at all.

This is not nice.”

The Leinsters owner has since apologised for his “incompetence” and promised to take legal action.

The owners said that they have “not been able to communicate with our staff since we received the email” and added that they will continue to investigate “any further information which may lead to any action being taken”.

The Leipzers owners are not the first to be accused of sexual misconduct by their employees, with former owner of Wapperton-based company, Derbyshire-based UK-based skin care company, Jules Tanning, also being accused of abusing a female employee in 2015.

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