Fox Sports reports Florida beach ‘shocked’ by ‘loud noise’ noise at tanning shop

Jul 9, 2021 News

Fox Sports has reported that Florida beach residents “shocked” by a “loud, boisterous” noise that was heard for hours at a tanning station that “frequently served customers of all ages”. 

In a report from Fox Sports, which cited “multiple people who heard the noise” as part of its investigation, the station reported that “an employee of the tanning bar was inside the facility, which is part of a larger business, when the noise started”.

“He went inside and saw people yelling at him, and he heard a loud, boorish sound,” the source told Fox Sports.

“He came outside, saw the smell of burnt fish, saw a man with a black eye and thought something was going on.”

“It was a very loud noise, and people in the restaurant were yelling at each other, and it was very loud.”

Fox Sports has not provided a copy of the report to The Daily Telegraph.

In an emailed statement, the Florida Department of Health and Environmental Control said: “FDOH does not have a current investigation into the loud noise incident that has been reported.

As this is an ongoing investigation, it is impossible to provide additional information on this matter.” 

A spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which owns the beach, said that the agency was aware of the incident and was taking steps to provide a safe environment for customers. 

“Our team is monitoring the situation to determine if further action is required,” they said.

“We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

In a separate report, the BBC reported that a resident at the beach reported hearing a “boom, bang and bang” from a nearby bar, which the outlet said had “heard a loud noise” the previous night.

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