How to keep your tanning bed clean

Sep 21, 2021 News

Tanning beds have a history of cleaning up after themselves.

It’s also a big source of cleaning products, and the cleaning products used on tanning beds can contain toxic chemicals, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

A 2016 study by the American Institute of Dermatology concluded that the chemicals found in tanning products were linked to skin cancer.

The EPA says it’s investigating whether tanning mattresses are compatible with its own rules on cleaning mattresses.

It says it can’t guarantee that a bed’s cleanliness will remain clean for the entire duration of the product’s life.

In the meantime, the EPA is working to develop a set of safety guidelines for mattresses that can be used in tannery facilities.

The agency says the guidelines will include:  • How much to use for cleaning, so that the mattress is not in contact with surfaces such as furniture or windows.

• How to remove stains and dust, so mattresses won’t become airborne or become smelly.

 • How long to keep a mattress in a tannery environment.

If the guidelines are adopted, the agency says, it will require manufacturers to label the cleaning product, which could help protect consumers.

Tanners are still using the same old method for cleaning their mattresses: They scrape off the wax, wash and polish it, then scrub the mattress.

Many of the chemicals in tanner’s wax products, such as formaldehyde, are not allowed to be used on a product that is being used as a tanning surface, the government agency said.

This is an update from the February 6 edition of the Associated Press.

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