How to Make Your Own Tanning Spray in less than 10 minutes

Sep 30, 2021 News

Posted September 05, 2018 06:38:24 How to make your own tanning spray in less, and in less time.

The trick to the process is to buy a container of sunscreen and fill it with water.

You can buy sunblock and other products online, but I suggest using a sprayer and spray bottle.

Make sure it is at least 1 gallon in size.

Spray it on the outside of your clothes and on the inside of your skin.

I like to put my bottle on my arm and use it in the shower.

Fill the sprayer to the top of the bottle.

I spray on the top with the spray bottle, then lower the bottle until it covers the outside.

I then turn the spray off and put the bottle on the back of my neck and gently pull down on it to make it go down.

Repeat the process until all the sunscreen has been used up.

It takes about an hour, and the bottles are pretty cheap.

Here is a video that shows the process:

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