How to Stop Being a Jerk on Instagram with Paradise Tanning Salon Open Source Buzzfeed

Sep 12, 2021 News

When I first heard about Paradise Taning Salon, I was skeptical.

I mean, who in their right mind would be looking for an open-air salon in downtown Los Angeles?

What was the big deal?

But after reading the description, I knew it had to be the right place.

And it was.

Paradise has a great bar area with a full-service kitchen, outdoor seating, and a large outdoor patio.

I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing with the money they make from these outdoor tables, but it sure sounds like a good idea.

The outdoor patio also provides a nice backdrop for your Instagram feed.

Paradise Tanneries has a lot of Instagram accounts (some of which I’ve personally liked) and their Instagram page boasts over 4 million followers.

And that’s not counting the thousands of followers they’ve amassed on their Instagram profile.

Paradise offers everything you could possibly need, from a comfortable couch to a private salon, plus the space is just a few blocks away from downtown LA.

So, if you want a place to work out, go get a massage, or take a stroll on a sunny day, head over to Paradise Tannery to get a feel for the lifestyle and work out.

Paradise’s staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating.

They’ve even created a little guide for you to follow.

Paradise is a popular, yet unique, spot in LA.

They’re open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And I know I won’t have to miss a day.

You can book your own private session, or book an open session for two hours with a friendly, attentive, and friendly barista.

And if you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can always book your room for two or three hours for $20.

There’s a whole host of things you can do with your money to help make the process of moving to LA a little easier.

Paradise will help you get your new place done, and you’ll also get to make new friends along the way.

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