How to tan without using tanning beds

Aug 2, 2021 News

Posted May 18, 2018 06:30:58 Tanning beds are one of the most common tanning treatments available.

But they’re a costly proposition.

The cost of using a tanning bed is around $100 a day, which can be a lot for someone with limited savings or an emergency budget.

Here’s how to tan using a DIY tanning booth:1.

Get a tanber.

Most tanning booths can be rented out for a fraction of the cost of the traditional tanning station.

You’ll probably want to consider renting a few booths to have some shade in between sessions.

The rental rate can vary from $15 to $40 a day.

A rental booth costs around $40 to $60.2.

Cut down on the size of the booth.

If you plan to tan on the floor of a tanner, you might want to use a bigger booth to minimize your footprint.

The smaller the booth, the less you have to move around.3.

Add a towel.

You might want a towel to keep the hot tanin cool, as well as to prevent it from drying out your skin.4.

Use a sunscreen.

You can use a sunscreen or a facial mist, depending on your preferences.

A quick way to get the best tan:1) Go for a hot tan.

If your skin isn’t glowing, try a cool tan.2) Go with a more moderate temperature.

If there’s too much heat, go with a cool temperature.3) Keep your eyes peeled.

Your skin will react to heat differently than it does to direct sunlight.4) Go back and try a different shade.

If it’s too hot to go to the next shade, go back to the first shade.

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