Palm Beach, Florida’s Open Source Tanning Salon Is Officially OpenSource: Palm Beach Daily News

Jun 18, 2021 News

Palm Beach is the latest state to legalize open source tanning, and it’s not even close.

The Palm Beach County Commission voted on Wednesday to make Palm Beach’s OpenSource Tanning salon the first in Florida to be legally open.

The state’s largest employer has been a longstanding supporter of open source tech, with employees in the tech industry working for companies like Apple and Google.

In addition to open source software, the salon also offers the use of proprietary software to assist in salon operations.

The move came after the county commissioners considered the use and regulation of open sources and tanning as part of its business licensing rules.

In November, the county opened its own OpenSource tanning room, with the intent of enabling open source technology companies like Palm Beach OpenSource to better access the county’s lucrative private sector workforce.

The commission also passed a law in December that allowed for the private sector to adopt open source licenses.

It’s unclear whether Palm Beach will follow the precedent set by the county and become the first to legally open source its tanning saloon.

The state Department of Business Licensing told the Daily News it has no current plans to do so.

The Department of Agriculture has similar plans to open its own tanning shop, but is awaiting the state’s approval.

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