Sun kissed tanneria opens at salon in Lubbock

May 24, 2021 News

Lubbocks salon Sun kissed Tanneria is opening a new location in the heart of the Sun Kingdom.

The new location will open at the Lubblock Hotel and will have a lounge bar, sauna, saunas and sauna showers.

The restaurant is located at the entrance of the Lumberland Country Club.

The restaurant has been in business for more than two decades, opening at the corner of Lubbocker Road and Old Lubbler Road in 2016.

Sun kissed Tanners founder, James E. Wilson, said he wanted to open in the Sun King’s neighborhood because it was a safe area and because it offered a more welcoming environment for the customer.

Lubbock Sun kissed also has other locations.

Sun Kissers was the first tattoo parlor in the United States.

Its owners said they also plan to open a tattoo studio at a future location in Littlestown.

Sun kisses is an offshoot of the legendary Sun Kingdom Tattoo in Latham, Iowa.

The Sun Kingdom, founded in 1935, is a family-owned business.

The owner of the brand, the Sun Queen, is Sun kissed’s niece, according to her Facebook page.

The Lubbels Sun kissed Tattoo shop opened its doors in Litchfield, Iowa, in 2012.

The owners said the shop opened to attract business from other areas in the area.

The owners said Sun kissed will be a family friendly shop that is welcoming to all.

They plan to have a full kitchen and bar to cater to customers and will open its doors to the public in June 2019.

Sun kiss opened in Louth in 2016 and opened a new shop in Lattimore in 2018.

The Littles Sun kissed in 2017 opened a second location in Iowa.

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