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How to create the perfect beach towel: The most common mistakes

It’s a hot summer day, and you’ve just bought a tanning towel from a tannery.

After all, you’re in a sun-baked beach and you don’t want to be in the sun, right?

Well, maybe.

But if you’re really lucky, you’ll end up with a towel that will be the most beautiful towel ever made.

The best towel to ever grace the beaches of the world is the sun tanner, and that’s what we’ll be covering today.

The first step is to find a tanner that’s willing to make you one.

When you go to a tan shop in the United States, you can usually find a good selection of tanning towels in a variety of lengths.

The lengths vary by country, but they’re usually between 3.5 and 6 inches.

If you’re looking for a towel shorter than that, you could easily get a towel from your local tanning salons.

This means you’re basically getting an all-in-one solution, and there’s a good chance you’ll get a quality towel for less than the price of a bottle of shampoo.

It’s also a good idea to get the sun-tanning saloon you want to get rid of the most out of the deal.

The sun tanners on the internet generally have the best prices on the towel you’re trying to get, so if you want a nice, long-lasting towel, you probably should check out the tanning pools or the tanneries on the main strip.

But before you do that, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the best tanning tanners you can find in your area.

There are a lot of great choices to choose from, and the best tanners will make you a great beach towel.

And if you get a nice towel that’s just right for you, you won’t be disappointed.

There Are Plenty of Good Tanning Tanners Around The World If you’ve never had a tan, it might seem like the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Now that you know that, maybe it’s time to stop reading and just enjoy the sun.

The most popular tanning tanner in the world, however, is actually a local one.

That’s because there are literally thousands of tannerries in the entire world.

So how can you tell the difference between a local tanner and one in a faraway country?

If you ask someone who works in a local area, they’ll probably tell you that it’s pretty easy to tell the differences.

The local tannery is actually located in the town, and it’s generally quite a distance from the beach.

However, if you ask people who work in the US, they usually tell you the same thing.

The difference is the tannery will usually be located in a small town, rather than the sprawling cities you’d expect.

So if you live in an area with a big tanning pool, you should probably consider getting a tan at a local pool or tanning spa.

The Sun Tanner In the United Kingdom, the sun is usually at its most beautiful when the sun has just set.

This is because when the sky is completely dark, the light from the sun’s rays is completely blocked.

This gives the tanmer a great opportunity to capture the suns light.

This technique also creates a unique look for the sun by making it appear to have a very white or pink color.

As a result, the tan is often referred to as a ‘blue sky tan’.

The sun-tanned beach towel is a great example of the differences between the different sun tanters around the world.

If the sun isn’t shining, it tends to get a slightly cooler look.

The tanner will then start to strip the sun off the towel, creating the most stunning sun tan on the beach or the beachside.

The Best Tanning Towel In The World Sun tanning is a very special sport in its own right, and every tanner is different.

The name ‘sun tanning’ comes from the fact that the sun rays are absorbed by the skin and are reflected back, creating a natural glow.

This creates a very soft, yet firm, tan.

The same process is also used to create a nice glossy look, which can create a very beautiful, even tan.

However if you don`t have access to a pool, tanning has been around for quite some time.

And unlike pools, tannerys can actually produce the same look that you get from tanning with a sun towel.

The problem with pools and tannery pools is that they’re often too big, and therefore, they can make it difficult to keep a clean towel.

So what does a pool tanner do?

Well first, they sit at the pool to make sure the water is nice and clear, and they use a large mirror to

Which is the best sun tanner for you?

sun tanners are expensive, and a lot of people want to spend their money on the most advanced products, but the average person will not have access to the most powerful sun tan.

Sun tanning is a tricky business, and there are many reasons for that, but one of the biggest reasons is that you will need to be very careful when choosing a new product.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of selecting the right sun tan product for your skin type and body type.

So, if you are new to the world of sun tanming, we suggest that you start with a basic guide.

What is a Sun Tanner?

Sun tanner is a device that you put on your skin to give you a natural sunburn.

It is a highly effective sunscreen that can prevent sunburn and sun damage in the long term.

The best sun cream is a type of sunscreen that gives you a sunburn protection factor (SPF).

Sunscreen is a very popular type of product that is a combination of a moisturizer, sunscreen and a cream.

Some sunscreens have SPF as the key ingredient and the other type have an SPF of at least 25.

For more information about sunscreams, please check out our article on sun cream.

Sun tanner can cause more skin damage in long termSun tanners have been around for centuries.

Many people believe that sunburn is the most common type of skin problem, but a lot depends on how much sun exposure you have.

There are many ways to get sunburn, and some of them may not be as bad as others.

According to dermatologists, sunburn causes skin damage and can cause sunburn scars.

Another type of sunburn may be caused by a type-III hypersensitivity to sunlight.

One of the main problems with sunburn that is very common is that it leads to dry skin.

Dry skin is the result of sun exposure that leads to the formation of dry patches on the skin, which are the cause of dry skin and uneven skin texture.

If you have skin that is prone to sunburn or dry skin, then you should consider a topical sun cream that is designed to help reduce the severity of dryness.

A sun cream can help to prevent sun damage and skin damage.

As mentioned above, a lot goes into the formulation of a sun cream, and the skin is very sensitive to the ingredients that go into the cream.

If you have dry skin or oily skin, a sun tan cream may be your best bet.

However, if your skin is not prone to dryness, then a sunscreen with SPF 25 is probably your best choice.

Sun cream is more of a solution for some people than a sunblock.

Depending on your body type and how you look, a sunscreen might not be the best option for you.

While a sunscreen may provide you with a sun protection factor, it does not give you protection against the sun itself.

Sunscreaming can cause skin damage to the skin that you have to deal with, but sunburn prevention is not as serious as the damage caused by sunburn itself.

Most people who have sunburns do not have any visible sunburn scarring, but you may still need to take steps to protect your skin.

How to find the perfect tanning salon in Lubbock

Lubbocks sun tanneries and salon have been struggling with the same problem for years.

But the situation has worsened in recent months as more and more people have become aware of the plight of the salon industry.

In a bid to help, Sun Tanning salon owner Alex C. has launched a campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to stop visiting his salon.

“I know many people have asked if I’m going to close down my salon,” he said.

It is an extremely common request.

When Sun Tanners was first established, it was an exclusive club for wealthy clients.

But now, people from all walks of life have been coming in and out to shop for sun tanners.

There is a lot of interest and there are so many different things out there for people to try.

So we have been asked to help.

For example, people have said they want to try different types of sun tan on their faces and other body parts, so we have created a collection of different types.

I do it to encourage people.

I don’t want people to be disappointed if I don-I don’t sell them something that they’re not looking for.

Sun Tanneries has had a lot to do with the popularity of the service and the rise in popularity of social media.

Sun Tanning saloon owner Alex is hoping to help raise awareness by making sure people are aware of what is going on with the industry.

He said he does not want to go against anyone’s wishes and wants people to realise that they have a choice.

The campaign is still going strong, with people sharing their experiences with him on social media, and he has even received support from some of his customers.

One woman said she would visit the salon again if it were closed.

“I don´t know why I would leave Sun Tan on a Saturday night because I think they do really good tanning.

We have also had a number of people who are very upset with the salon’s recent closure and are trying to get Sun Taning to reopen.”

The Lubbels Sun Tannery salon has had one other major issue recently, and is closing for good, but it is the last saloon that will be closing for a while.

The sun tannery industry in the United States is not the same as it is in Australia.

The U.S. sun tanting industry is very different to that of Australia.

It is very popular and has an excellent reputation in Australia, particularly in the southern states.

However, the sun tanings in Australia do not have the same prestige as those in the U.K.

Sun tanning in the USA is still an important industry.

The American sun taning industry employs about 1,500 people.

Many of those people work in the salons which are owned by American companies.

But it is very difficult for the companies to maintain their own reputation in the American market, and some of those salons are run by American workers.

Sun Tanners has not been able to compete with the saloons in other parts of the world.

Even though it is closed, it is still a popular place for people in the Lubbons community to buy sun tan products.

Many people who have been visiting the salon have come back to buy products.

How to tan without hurting yourself or others

What you need to know about sun tanners.

Sun tanning is a common cosmetic procedure that involves applying a thin layer of water onto the skin.

When it’s applied, the water will coat the skin and help the skin to absorb excess water, thus preventing it from drying out.

Sunscreens and creams can also be used to help keep the skin moisturised.

It’s important to keep the sun out when you’re tanning, but some people prefer to avoid direct sunlight and sun tan.

Sunscreen companies often recommend using a cream to help protect the skin from the sun.

Some sunscreens also contain sun protection ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

The Sunscreen Association states that “the best sunscreen to use is the SPF 25 or better”.

If you’re unsure of the best sunscreen for your skin type, consider using a sunscreen that has an SPF rating of at least 30, but is not an all-in-one product, such as a face, neck or neck cream.

There are also sun protection products that can be applied on the skin as well as a sunscreen.

The SPF ratings can be found on the back of the sunscreen, which should be visible on the face and neck of the product.

The most effective sunscenes include those with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or zinc oxide-containing sunscents.

You can also apply sunscreen directly to the skin using a spray bottle, a tube, a cream or a cream-like spray.

For more on sunscaping, check out our guide on how to choose the right sunscreen for you.

If you have questions about the benefits of sunscapes or skin care, see our sunscape tips article.

When sunburn causes skin cancer: A review

The sun burns its way through the body and can cause damage to skin, including melanoma.

It’s one of the most common cancers.

But how sunburn affects the body is not known.

Now, researchers are trying to understand how the sun can cause cancer.

To do that, they need to look at how the body processes sunlight.

This article is based on the work of three scientists at the University of Arizona.

The research was supported by National Institutes of Health grants U01AG017901, U01DK026566 and U01HD038491.

This report is based in part on research by Lisa Pendergrass at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The study was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the U of A, and the University Health Foundation.

More from The Wall St. Journal: A woman with cancer found the answer When you’re in the sun and the sunburn you’re experiencing isn’t as severe as you think, you can find a way to treat it.

The sunburns you’re seeing may have little to do with your current health and everything to do not with how the sunscreen works.

For instance, some people get sunburned when they put on sunscreen and other people don’t.

The problem is that it’s very hard to tell when you’re going through a sunburn because your skin cells are very different in color from your surroundings.

But the researchers know from their work that the skin cells in your skin are very similar in color.

The team identified a gene that codes for this gene called T-cell receptor.

This gene is also found in the skin of other animals and is involved in many biological processes.

The scientists were able to use this gene to identify the type of sunburn the cells in a person’s skin responded to.

They also were able the identify the location of the skin on the body, which could help them diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment.

To identify this particular gene, they used a protein called RAR that’s been shown to be associated with the expression of genes related to inflammation and inflammation-related disorders.

RAR is also associated with melanoma and other skin cancers.

When the researchers tested a person who had been diagnosed with melanomas and who had a sun sensitivity test, they found the person had a lower level of RAR protein than the control person.

This indicates that the person who has the lower level in their skin had a higher chance of developing melanomas.

What this study shows is that the more you expose your skin to the sun, the less you have of the gene RAR and it is linked to skin cancer.

The researchers found that there were two different types of sun exposure, and one of these was associated with a higher risk of developing skin cancer, the other was not.

But there were no differences between the people who had high and low levels of exposure.

They were also able to identify a gene, T-regulatory T cells, that was associated both with melanin production and with a lower risk of melanoma development.

The findings were published online March 11 in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

This work has been supported by the U01HG0074577, U04AG007937 and U03AG051151 grants.

More about sun,tanning,sun tanning,cancer sun tanting salon,temporarily closed,temporary clinic source The Journal of Internal Medicine title A temporary clinic may help with sunburn treatments article A doctor’s office might not be a big deal, but the sun might make a big difference.

That’s because the sun produces heat in the infrared and ultraviolet range, which can damage your skin.

The more heat you have in the visible spectrum, the more damage you can do to your skin, and when you see it, you know what you’re dealing with.

But for people who can’t get outside much, it’s not as bad as it might sound.

They can go to a doctor’s clinic and get a treatment.

But people with chronic sunburn are not the same people who are going to have sunburn in the future.

They may have some problems with other conditions, and they may need additional help, such as surgery or a skin transplant.

They might also need to wait for sun exposure to go away, so they can get some rest.

The answer is to try and get outside when the sun is at its highest.

This is because it’s a time of day when it’s difficult to get outside and when people can get dehydrated, which means they’re less likely to burn.

And it’s also a time when people need to be more active.

It makes sense to try to get as much activity out of the day as possible, because there are times when people are tired and need to get up to get some work done.

Why sun tanners hate you

In a new article in Fortune magazine, a former sun tanner who once went by the name Radiance Tanning Salon claims she has been attacked for her “soul” by fellow tanning professionals.

In a new piece published by Fortune, a woman named Rachel is quoted as saying that she was attacked by a fellow tanner named Sam on her Facebook page in January.

“He started attacking me,” Rachel said.

“I’m a big girl and he’s a big boy.

I had to tell him I wasn’t going to go in there, I was not going to talk to him.”

According to Rachel, she left the salon for good after the assault, but that did not stop her from pursuing a legal claim against Sam and Radiance.

“I’ve tried to make it clear to him that I was a victim, not a victimizer,” she told Fortune.

“And he never cared.

I never had a problem with him.

It was just one of those things where it was like, ‘He wants to make me feel better.’

He’s a very aggressive, controlling person.

It’s like he was telling me to shut up and listen to him.

And I was just like, why?

He doesn’t need me.

I just want to feel safe.”

In an article in March, Fortune Magazine also detailed the assault that Rachel alleges took place in the summer of 2014.

In the article, Rachel claims that Sam, the former owner of Radiance, made sexual advances toward her on multiple occasions.

“He said that I should be a prostitute because I look pretty,” she said in the article.

“In the middle of all that, he grabbed my breasts and he made me feel so uncomfortable that I decided to leave.”

According for the article in May, Sam later told Rachel that she would not be returning to Radiance “because of the harassment.”

Sam later told Fortune that he was “disappointed” by the article and had “nothing further to add.”

The Huffington Post reached out to Radience for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

Radiance Tannery Salon is located at 1001 East Jefferson St., San Francisco, CA 94102.

How to tan without using tanning beds

Posted May 18, 2018 06:30:58 Tanning beds are one of the most common tanning treatments available.

But they’re a costly proposition.

The cost of using a tanning bed is around $100 a day, which can be a lot for someone with limited savings or an emergency budget.

Here’s how to tan using a DIY tanning booth:1.

Get a tanber.

Most tanning booths can be rented out for a fraction of the cost of the traditional tanning station.

You’ll probably want to consider renting a few booths to have some shade in between sessions.

The rental rate can vary from $15 to $40 a day.

A rental booth costs around $40 to $60.2.

Cut down on the size of the booth.

If you plan to tan on the floor of a tanner, you might want to use a bigger booth to minimize your footprint.

The smaller the booth, the less you have to move around.3.

Add a towel.

You might want a towel to keep the hot tanin cool, as well as to prevent it from drying out your skin.4.

Use a sunscreen.

You can use a sunscreen or a facial mist, depending on your preferences.

A quick way to get the best tan:1) Go for a hot tan.

If your skin isn’t glowing, try a cool tan.2) Go with a more moderate temperature.

If there’s too much heat, go with a cool temperature.3) Keep your eyes peeled.

Your skin will react to heat differently than it does to direct sunlight.4) Go back and try a different shade.

If it’s too hot to go to the next shade, go back to the first shade.

How to Get Perfectly Tanned on a Budget

I’ve been working at tanning saloons for years and I’m so used to spending a lot of money on products.

It’s a hobby that takes a lot out of my life and sometimes I think I have too much money.

When I started my first salon in 2010, I wanted to do something different.

I started with a $30 spray tan kit, then I added a lot more products as I wanted more results.

So when I decided to open my own salon in 2014, I knew I wanted it to be an open shop.

I’ve always loved getting my skin done and I wanted my customers to be able to experience this.

Now, I have the perfect formula and products for the most demanding clientele.

I also want to be as transparent about the price and the cost of what I sell.

For me, the most important part is to be honest with customers.

When they order, I give them a price and it is a good indication that it will work for them.

The first salon I opened had a $50 spray tan.

Now I have two salons with a higher price tag.

The difference in price reflects my experience and how much I value my customers.

If I had to change one thing, it would be that I would open a few more salons.

I don’t know how many more saloons I would have to open in order to keep my current price in line with my goal.

Tanning salon owners have a lot to live up to when it comes to customer satisfaction.

They are trying to help people and are also trying to give customers the best service.

I am really proud to see the growth of my salon.

We have had customers from all over the world coming in and spending hours in the studio and getting the perfect look.

They come in with different goals, but I always encourage them to be patient with me.

I will try to keep doing the same things as I have been doing for the last three years, which is to provide the best experience for our customers and to make the most of our budget.

I want to make sure that people feel comfortable and that they can have fun with my products.

As you might expect, I also do a lot with my hair, which has a long history.

For example, I’ve had clients who love to have their hair brushed by me, which they love because it makes their hair feel clean and shiny.

Another great client that I know that has a very happy time at my salon is my wife, who is also a stylist.

We work together very closely to keep our hair clean and to get the best results possible.

Our hair has been a big focus for us, so we have always had a lot in mind when designing our products.

For my salon, I really wanted to create a hair care product that has all the right ingredients to help your hair grow naturally.

We always make sure to keep things simple and have a natural feel.

It makes it easy to use a few products for all of our clients.

When it comes time to make my products, I make sure I have an amazing line-up that is perfect for all the clients.

I try to make everything as natural as possible.

For our customers, I always try to give them what they want at a reasonable price, even if it’s less than what I’m used to paying.

For instance, if I’m going to have my clients take a bath, I will always have a few drops of hair spray.

I do not want to spend a lot on a bath product when I can easily get that from my hair products.

I find that when I go back to my customers and say, I’ll go to the salon today, they have a good reaction.

I get compliments for my salon and they say that it is worth it.

Tanneries are a great way to make money, but it can also be a great experience for you and your family.

When you are spending a large amount of money, it can be hard to make a good impression on your customers.

That is why I make my customers feel comfortable.

My customers can always go home and relax.

We’re here to make their day a pleasant one.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with hair loss, please talk to a trained stylist to get advice on how to make it easier for you.

How to get sun tanner at tanning salons in Israel

When it comes to tanning, there’s no shortage of options in Israel, but you’ll have to travel far and wide to get a great tan.

Sun tanner, as it’s known, is one of the few services that can help you feel confident in your skin, and that’s why many Israelis are going to tan.

While you can still get a professional tan in the US or Canada, Israel has its own private tanning facility called Suntan, and they’ve been serving Israelis since 2012.

Here’s how to find a tanning room and see what you can expect at Suntan.1.

The best tanning sites in Israel Sun tanning is very popular in Israel and is also one of many options for people looking for a better tan.

The only problem is that, for a while, it was difficult to find the best facilities in Israel.

The Suntan facility is a part of the Israel Tanning Center, an organization that is dedicated to promoting tanning in Israel as well as the Middle East.

You can find Suntan in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other cities.2.

What to expect at a Sun tan center Sun tan centers are private places where you can get a free consultation with a tan expert.

They are located in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem.

The first appointment is for an appointment for a private consultation, which typically takes less than five minutes.

There are a variety of types of consultations available, including full body tanning.

Some people go for a full body consultation, while others prefer more subtle methods, such as the tanners.

You’ll also find sun tanners offering massage treatments.

If you want to take your tan to the next level, you can also get a private treatment that lasts around 45 minutes.

After the consultation, you’ll see your results on a chart and get a complimentary haircut.

It can take up to two weeks for your results to appear.3.

The most popular Sun tan lines in Israel In Israel, the best tan lines are the Suntan lines.

While they may look different from one area to the other, they’re still the same.

They have been serving Israeli customers since 2011 and offer the best services.

In addition to the traditional full body, the Sun tannery line in Tel Rumeida is considered the best one.

In this line, you will be treated with a variety and subtle treatments, which are usually free.

The sun tan line in Jerusalem is the second best one, but there are more private facilities that specialize in other types of sun tan treatments.

You will need to go to the private Sun tan line for your second appointment.4.

The hottest tanning spots in Israel There are many places to find sun tanners, but for the most part, they all come in one of two flavors.

You may have heard of one or two locations in the Middle Eastern and South Asian areas, but most Israelis have never heard of any in Israel because it’s considered taboo to have a private tanner.

Sun tanners in Tel Haifa, Jerusalem, and Haifa are among the most popular locations in Israel for private tanting.

You are guaranteed to get the best results from a private appointment with a Tannery Expert.

In Haifa you can find a private Tannery with an expert, while in Jerusalem you’ll need to travel to a different private tannery to find one.

It’s also recommended that you visit a private Suntan center for your third appointment.5.

What you can buy at a private private tan site The best thing about a private place to tan is that it’s private, so you can do your business there.

If it’s a private establishment, you should expect to pay around $20 per hour for the consultation.

You should also be prepared for the wait times and prices.

Some private tan sites offer more expensive treatments, such like a full bodied tanning or an elaborate facial treatment.

The costs vary depending on the services offered.

You don’t need to worry about paying more than the cost of the consultation to get your tan done, but it’s important to check the price of the treatment you’re going to get to see how much it will cost you.

The prices of these treatments range from about $40 for the facial treatment to around $150 for the full bodysuit treatment.6.

The latest news about tanning Sun tanners can sometimes be confusing, because they’re regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The ministry requires that tanning establishments provide you with a doctor’s note about the treatment, but many companies don’t provide such documents.

This makes it difficult for people who have been prescribed a treatment, because sometimes they don’t know the treatment was prescribed and sometimes they’re not aware that they’re being prescribed a different treatment.

Some of the major tanning centers in Israel have the information you need on their websites.

They’ll also offer you a discount if you pay for your treatment online.7.

What is the difference between private and

Polygon: The world’s greatest tanning salons

We are going to look at the world’s most iconic tanning stations, from the best to the worst.

In the world of fashion, we’ll find the best tanning station in Shanghai, the best in Tokyo, the worst in New York City, and so on.

Let’s take a look.

It’s a long story, but we need a quick start.

The World’s Best Tanning Station, Shanghai (photo: Sunkissing)A lot of people think of Shanghai as being synonymous with sun tanning, but the Shanghai International Hotel is also famous for its amazing sun tan line.

The brand has been around for more than a decade, and it is home to a number of iconic brands.

The Shanghai International is one of the largest hotels in the world, and its mainstay is the sun tan lines.

But before we start with the top 10, let’s go back to the beginning.

IKEA was founded in 1928 in Sweden.

In the 1950s, a Swedish entrepreneur named Gustav Jonsson invented the IKEA furniture, which would be a key factor in making IKEa famous around the world.

From the early days, the IK furniture was a symbol of Swedish innovation.

The furniture was made with a wooden frame that was made from birch, pine, or other hardwoods.

As the company grew, IKEas customers took to the furniture for its unique, hand-carved quality.

When IKEahouse was founded, it was the first furniture store to offer a sun tan floor.

It had to be special to make the line so well known, and IKEahs original design, which was also inspired by the Swedish design, was a big hit with the public.

Since then, IK has expanded to include a wide variety of products and accessories, including a range of clothing and accessories.

On its website, IKA has a list of its products that are featured in its catalog.

Its range includes the best products from IKEhouses main competitors, including H&M, Target, and Nordstrom.

For its most popular items, IKI’s catalog has a selection of over 500 different products.

However, it has to offer the best quality and price, as well as be one of only a few retailers that offer its products in the best condition possible.

This is what the catalog looks like: As you can see, the sun-tanning lines are really good.

They are made from a very hard wood, which is really tough.

The best tanner IKE is probably the Tungsten brand.

At the top of the page, you can also find a comparison chart that shows the quality of the IKI sun tan product.

There are three main lines, and there are several different grades of IKE, ranging from high-end to mid-priced.

These are the sun tans standard line, the standard sun tan, and the premium sun tan.

Tungsten sun tan: The best option for a sun-tanned client.

Polarizing sun tan-style sun tan for people who are sensitive to heat.

High-end sun tan with a matte finish, like the Premium sun tan is usually the best option, but IKE has a range that includes the premium products. 

The sun tan in the premium line can be very expensive, and is usually very expensive for people with a low tolerance for heat.

It’s the best choice for people like me who don’t have any tanning experience.

My sun taning experience is pretty limited, but even so, the quality is good.

It can be a little too hard to apply, but it’s not too bad.

A standard sun-tone sun tan (not shown), the premium product is more expensive, but is also better quality. 

High-quality sun tan that can be applied with the brush, but isn’t as good quality as the premium tan. 

Tungstens premium sun-toned sun-style, which can be used with the sun tube and the angled brush. 

Premium sun tan available in a range from the low-end up to the high-priced premium line. 

At the end of the day, a sun tanned client is looking for a good quality product, but also a great price.

IKE also has a line called the Premium line, which offers a range for people in the middle of the market. 

It has a good selection of sun tanners and the sun line.

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