Tanning salon in Scottsdale opens to the public

Sep 28, 2021 News

A Scotts Valley tanning bar will open to the general public for the first time next month.

The Scotts, Ariz., company that operates the Tanning Salon at the Scotts Center will open at 10 a.m.

Wednesday to a crowd of more than 150 people.

The bar, which has more than 500 employees, is located at 3200 E. Sixth Street.

It will offer a variety of skin care services, including laser and laser therapy, as well as laser hair removal, barbering and skin care products.

The company was founded in 2013.

It employs about 100 people, including a barber, stylist and owner.

“We’re excited to welcome the public to our Scotts and Ariz.

Tanning Center, and we want to be open all day every day to all our customers,” said Tania Schleifer, senior vice president of business development at Scotts Tanning.”

Tanning is not only an iconic beauty treatment but also a way to stay healthy and active, and for many people it’s the only way to maintain their tan.”

The barber is part of the company’s “skin care team,” which includes a barbershop and a skin care salon.

It also will have a bar and spa, with a bar, spa, fitness center, wellness center and more.

The first customers will be seated at the bar, where a rotating cast of people will be waiting.

“There will be a variety and a wide variety of services that you can see and experience,” said Stephanie Schoettes, a senior vice-president with Scotts.

“We’re open every day of the week.”

The Scotys Center will be the first location to open its doors to the media.

It opened last year to rave reviews from the media, who wrote about it and took photos of customers.

The owner, Steve O’Brien, said it’s a dream come true to open the Scotys Tanning Bar to the press.

“I am so happy that people will finally have access to this incredible opportunity to experience this amazing spa, and I am so proud of our company, our barbers, our owners and all the other wonderful people that have made this happen,” he said.

The event has been scheduled for the next two weeks.

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