Texas salon owner pleads not guilty to assault and battery after girlfriend accuses him of touching her

Sep 25, 2021 News

A Texas salon operator is pleading not guilty after an unnamed woman accused him of grabbing her breast and touching her vagina in April.

Bethanie Ellington, a 28-year-old bartender, said her roommate, 31-year, James W. Ellingson, was “staring at her vagina” when she went to his Lubbock, Texas, salon in April 2016, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Ellington said she felt a small bump in her backside when she told Ellingington that she had had an erection for the past two weeks.

She said she went into Ellingtons bathroom and said she had to have a sexual encounter, and that he proceeded to touch her.

She told Eringtons assistant manager, who came and helped her remove his pants, that she felt the same bump and said it was a handjob.

The assistant manager told Elingtons manager, whose name she withheld, that he would be charged with sexual assault and sexual battery, according the Dallas News.

The manager then went to Ellingons office to get the incident recorded, according a report from the news outlet.

Elledons manager told police that the incident was consensual, but he was not charged with the crime.

Evington said Ellingss was “not a person I’d like to go back to working with,” the Dallas Observer reported.

Elingons attorney, John McAllister, told the newspaper that the allegations are “baseless.”

Ellingson was arrested on charges of sexual battery and criminal trespass, the paper reported.

He was released from jail on his own recognizance on May 4.

Ellerton has been a bartender for the last four years.

He told the paper that he has been working with Ellingon for two years, but only recently moved into a new location.

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