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Nov 25, 2021 News

“You’ll be surprised how different the salon feels from the rest of the resort,” says Kelly Stiles, who owns a salon in the South Beach area.

“You walk in and you’re in a completely different place, a different world, from the other people you see here.

It’s like an adventure.

It can be very overwhelming.”

The new salon in front of the old salon, which opened in August 2017, will have a “big difference” from the old one, says Stiles.

“I’m really excited about this new space,” she says.

The two-story salon at the corner of South Beach and Tropicana Drive, which opens Friday, is set to open to the public on April 4.

While the original salon, a small salon, is a bit more modest than the one at the new salon, it’s still a “beauty salon,” says Stairs, who plans to open a second salon in September.

“I’m not sure if it will be a big salon or just a little one,” she admits.

It will feature makeup and nail art, and it will have its own bar, which Stiles hopes will “feed back” to the salon.

After visiting the new shop, Stiles says she “loves” the new decor and the layout.

She says it feels like a “fresh new start,” but she is still unsure if she’ll stay.

As for whether she will stay, she doesn’t know yet.

She just wants to experience the new space for herself, she says, and then decide what to do with her time there.

Stiles says the new place will be “full of new people.”

“They’re coming from all over the world, and they’re coming here because they’re looking for a place where they can be themselves,” she adds.

“They want to go out with their friends.

They want to do their own thing.”

Stiles is hoping that by opening the new South Beach salon, the resort is making the South Bay a more welcoming place for everyone.

More about South Beach, South Beach Resort, salon, South beach tanner salon source The Hill title South Beach resort’s salon opens to the general public article The South Beach Beach Resort opened to the people on Friday for the first time in nearly two decades.

For more than 50 years, the South Coast Resort has operated under the “South Beach” moniker, but that name was changed in May 2018 to reflect the resort’s new name.

In 2016, South Bay Resort opened a new beachfront luxury apartment complex, called the “Hotel Sunshine” and is currently undergoing a $1.5 billion renovation.

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