‘The Last Tycoon’: How the world’s most successful tycoon sold his company for $12 billion to billionaires and got his first taste of real fame and fortune

Sep 17, 2021 News

The Last Tycoon: How the World’s Most Successful Tycoon Sold His Company for $13 Billion to Billionaires and Got His First Taste of Real Fame and Fortune By Mike DeBonisIt may seem like the story of the titular mogul from The Last Trader was pretty straightforward.

He bought a tanning studio in the Dominican Republic, and the business exploded.

But then a business that could make him $3 million a year started to look a lot more like a million bucks.

In fact, it was his first real, real, big break.

But the entrepreneur didn’t just go for the cash.

He also got a taste of fame and wealth in a country where he had no real experience or business savvy.

He got a job in one of the country’s most prestigious companies.

And now, he’s one of a handful of billionaires who can claim the title of The Last Traders.

That’s the title given to people who have owned more than 50% of a company for more than 10 years.

It’s a lofty title for someone like Steve Jobs who made $50 billion in his early 20s, but it also has the added appeal of bragging about how he did it.

The Last One is the founder of The Carlyle Group, which owns an oil and gas company, the world headquarters for Nike, and most recently the world-famous golf course in Dubai.

So far, the entrepreneur’s success has put him in a position where he’s already started his own hedge fund.

But he’s also on a list of billionaires that includes Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Stephen Schwarzman.

His wealth has grown to $2.5 trillion.

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