‘The smell is overpowering’: Owner says he’s not being sued

Aug 18, 2021 News

After being inundated with emails and phone calls from concerned customers about the odor coming from the tanning salons in his backyard, Tim Wills is fighting back with a lawsuit against the salon owners and the owner of the property that houses it.

Wills says he has not received a single call from the owners since the smell was brought to his attention in March, and he has also received multiple emails from concerned residents.

He says he had no idea the salons were emitting a smell.

“I have had no indication that there was a problem.

I’ve never seen a smell like that,” he told CBC News.

Wills, who owns a nearby tanning shop, says he was shocked when he received a letter from the salon in February warning of an odour problem.

“It was just kind of shocking to me that someone would have this problem with such a beautiful, lovely place,” he said.

The owners have been contacted several times and told the owners are taking care of the issue, Wills said.

He has been told to take a look at the property and the building next door.

The owner of The Tanning Salon in Burtons Landing says it’s been cleaned up and it has been put in a safe condition.

“They are going to have to put the issue to rest,” said owner Kevin Dornan.

“That is a very long time.

It was not a very good experience,” said Wills.

Dornan said the salon had been operating for more than 20 years.

“We are working very hard to get it back in working order,” he added.

The salon owner is suing the salon owner for violating the Ontario Municipal Act, claiming the smell is illegal under the Municipal Act.

Darnan said he will have the property cleaned out and tested for the odour.

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