The Tragedy of the New Tanning Salon

Oct 11, 2021 News

A new salon in Miami has closed its doors after being sued by its former employees and other former customers.

It’s a sad moment for a city where a new business has come to serve the needs of its community.

The salon in question was called The Tanning and Beauty Salon and was located at the corner of South and Cesar Chavez streets in the Miami Beach neighborhood of South Beach.

The Miami Beach Sun reports that it was closed by its owners last Friday.

The Sun reports the owners claim they were owed over $400,000 in rent.

The owner of the salon, J. Michael Burt, told the Sun that the company was forced to close after the state of Florida investigated allegations of discrimination.

Burt told the newspaper that he filed the complaint with the state in July 2016 after his former employees reported that he made inappropriate remarks about their bodies.

Birt said that the harassment was not the only reason he was forced out.

Burch’s former employees allege that Burt used derogatory terms and comments to describe them, and told them he didn’t care about their work or their families.

He was also allegedly rude about his former clients.

Bunt told the Miami Herald that he was fired for making a bad decision and for violating company policies.

He said he was hired by the company in 2007 to do a business that he didn�t have a license for.

According to the Miami-Dade County Department of Health, The Taning and Beauty Spa was closed due to the ongoing investigation into sexual harassment and discrimination.

The department says that Bunt did not have a valid license to operate.

The Tan, Beauty and Spa is a new company and was registered with the State of Florida.

The company is seeking legal action against the state and its board of directors, which are named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also names the city of Miami, the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Police Department as defendants.

Bregman and the Sun are the first news organizations to report the details of the case.

It remains to be seen if other news outlets will follow suit.

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