‘This is what we call an ugly duckling’: Vet says dog with cancer treatment needs to be given back

Sep 22, 2021 News

The owners of a black labrador that was diagnosed with cancer have decided to euthanize the dog and give it to a rescue group that has adopted it.

The dog, named Sweetie, was diagnosed last week with stage IV cancer.

The family said Sweetie has a long road ahead of her, but they’re taking the opportunity to help other dogs.

“I am a dog lover and a dog person.

And Sweetie is a very special dog,” said Sweeties owner, Laura Schuetz.

“She is not a pet that is going to be taken away, and she is a special dog that we are going to honor and cherish and give back to her owners.”

Schuetz said Sweetness was an “intelligent, loyal dog” who always seemed to know what she wanted.

“She is so loved, and I am so honored to have a dog who I love so much,” she said.

Sweetie was rescued from the East Hampton neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, in November, 2016.

The dog had been taken from her owner after she was found with a bite mark on her leg.

Her owners said she was afraid of dogs and had a lot of stress.

She was taken to a veterinarian who diagnosed Sweetie with stage II cancer.

In a video posted to YouTube, Schuets sister said she’s grateful to the rescuers for their actions.

“Sweetie has always been the best friend, she is just a wonderful dog and she will always be a part of my family.

I just want to thank the people at the Rescue Rescue Group for all their help in getting her home,” the video said.

Schuets family is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

If you have any information about Sweetie’s death, you can call the Richmond County Police Department at 757-823-2121.

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