When sun goes up in the east, it’s not tanning in Lubbock

Jul 15, 2021 News

The sun goes down in the west.

And when the sun goes away, so does the sun saloon.

That’s the message that the Lubbocks Sun Saloon is trying to put out over the coming days.

The Sun Saloons first opened in 2005.

Its owner, James Laughlin, was a Navy SEAL and the father of a 4-year-old son who died in Iraq.

Laughlin decided to open the Lubes in the city’s northwest because of its sun-loving reputation.

Sun saloons were a huge part of the Linn County’s history.

But it all changed in 2014 when Laughlin was found to have sexually assaulted a young girl, and he was indicted for child pornography charges.

The Linn Country News reported that Laughlin had an affair with a 17-year old girl who worked at his tanning business, and the couple had been dating for several years.

They moved into a house on the Littlest Valley Road.

Laughlin pleaded no contest to two child porn charges, and in May, a judge ordered him to register as a sex offender.

He was not allowed to own or operate a tanning facility.

On Thursday, Laughlin’s attorney released a statement about the charges.

He called the allegations “a complete fabrication,” and said the allegations were “utterly false and without merit.”

He also told the news site that he has never touched a child under 16 in the past and that the allegations are a lie.

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