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Sep 24, 2021 News

When I started working in tanning salons in 2010, I wanted to make sure my clients didn’t have to travel for their appointments, so I hired my own assistants.

But I quickly realized that the process of hiring assistants to do the job can be exhausting, and that hiring people to do that job is often more labor intensive than you might think.

I quickly decided that my best solution was to have a professional tanning assistant for each client.

After all, the clients were often the ones who needed the help.

I found a professional photographer, a graphic designer, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, a tattoo artist, and a hair and beauty therapist to do my job.

I took these talented people and trained them to help clients in every way possible, from choosing their hair to getting their tattoos.

The end result is the most comprehensive online portfolio of clients I have ever worked with, all with their own professional portfolios.

That’s when I realized that a few months after my first successful session, I was the owner of my own personal brand.

As a result, I now work for myself and charge a monthly fee for my services.

I also believe that my clients deserve a professional, high-quality service that is consistent with their individual needs.

I’ve always worked with my clients to get them the results they want and deserve, and I continue to make that happen.

I am not just a professional.

I’m a certified tanning therapist, a Certified Cosmetologist, a certified stylist who performs hair extensions, and an expert in the areas of personal care, skin care, and nail care.

I have been in the business since I was a child, so my experience in helping clients and their families go from zero to 100 is not limited to one session.

I work with individuals from all walks of life, and we are all passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

We have also made a personal connection to our clients through the years.

I met my husband, Mike, through a mutual friend, and our relationship blossomed through our work together.

My goal is to continue to help people in their quest to achieve their full potential, and through our shared passion for creating beautiful skin, hair, and body, we strive to help you achieve your own goals.

I look forward to continuing to work with you, and to making you proud of your skin.

The goal is not to sell you anything, but to give you the tools and the knowledge to achieve your goals.

As always, thank you for your time and support!

You can read more about my career here: https://www.tanning.com/tanners-personal-care-team-tandem-man-and-model-says-yes-to-pamela-lewis-tan-salons-professional-pets.html

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