Which Tulsa restaurant should I visit to avoid being “bashed” by anti-gay hate group?

Jul 28, 2021 News

In June, a group of anti-LGBTQ hate groups, including the American Family Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Family Research Council, began organizing to take down Tulsas largest gay-friendly restaurant, Dixie Burger.

The group’s mission was to “take the place of Dixie in the eyes of the LGBT community,” according to a press release at the time.

The “gay rights and family” group also “will be calling for a boycott of all Dixie Restaurants in the state of Oklahoma,” according the release.

But the groups intent to “ban” the gay-centric chain didn’t go far enough, according to the group.

“We are confident that this action will be met with the support of the community and that our actions will be supported by the courts,” the release said.

The ACLU said it is “extremely concerned” about the anti-equality groups intent and “we will continue to work with the government to ensure that the right to free speech is protected at all times,” according a statement released Wednesday.

But not all hate groups are taking the bait.

In a tweet, a Dixie Restaurant spokesperson said they “do not have any plans to remove Dixie from our menu,” but they are “not condoning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The boycott will be for a month and is being done to “stop a hateful, divisive agenda,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesman for the American Center for Law and Justice said the group is “very concerned” by the boycott.

“The goal of the boycott is to show the state and federal government that Oklahoma is a place where people of all stripes, including LGBT people, have equal rights,” David Siegel told the Associated Press.

“In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, Dixons commitment to LGBT equality and equality for all people is unwavering.”

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